Minky quilting on an ABM Innova Longarm

This is the back view of the first full quilt I did on the Innova Longarm.

My first minky backed quilt on the Innova longarm. I used Minky which is a challenge, but it went smoothly. I was amazed.

Minky used for backing seemed like such a headache when I tried to free motion on my regular sewing machine. But, with the Innova longarm, it was truely a breeze to work with. The trick was not stretching it when putting it on the frame. The sides tended to want to stretch out too easily. So I just left off the stretcher clamps and held up the edges by hand to keep it smooth against the batting and top. I think I could get away with using the clamps but not stretching them very much at all. This was my first so I wanted to baby it.

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