If you have seen my Facebook page, you’d know I’m pretty honest. My mother doesn’t like my choice of language.. or more specifically the choice of words in my native language that I prefer to use. I find some words are just so juicily expressive that one must use the to fully elucidate their meaning. So, yes, you’ll perhaps be exposed to some choice words if you choose to read or follow my blog. Not a lot, but certainly a few may slip out once in a while and I’m not prone to censor myself.

I am also old enough to eat my dessert first before dinner. My house, my rules. Gee I always wanted to say that… ***grin***

I will do a formal bio at some point.. but for the informal rambling bio:

My mom was a fantastic sewist when I was little. I was not. I took home-ec in high school because I loved to cook. What I didn’t think about was the half semester of sewing included. During that “interesting” experience I made the most horrendous shirt that even the most down and out hippy wouldn’t have worn it but maybe a stripper would have. That is a different story though. That was pretty much my sewing experience until I was in my 40’s.

Then came the fateful day when my mom tried to steal the quilt Grannie gave me. Grannie’s quilt got Mom and I talking. Mom mentioned she always wanted to quilt. I asked her why she didn’t as she was a fantastic seamstress. She didn’t want to make something awful. I reminded her that I was awful at sewing. I suggested we should both try making a quilt. We could even made blocks and share them so we wouldn’t have to make the whole thing. And her blocks would have to be better than mine. So, that was the day, Mom and I decided to start quilting.

Mom called me three weeks later, I had just bought some fabric … to match what she was supposed to be buying. And she announced that she had completed her first quilt top and was having it quilted. Needless to day, Mom is productive once she gets going. I think she  made 12 quilts that first year. I made two.

In my quilting, I was faltering with a direction. I was pretty bored and doing dozens of similar blocks held no interest for me. I wanted to do something more than  functional crafting. I was attending the Houston International Quilt show and stumbled quite literally, across the SAQA display of art quilts. OMG! I found the THING! This is it! I don’t have to do what everyone else does.. I can do MY THING! Implied permission was given and I have been off to the races ever since. I am doing a lot of improvisation, have started fabric dying. I am mixing traditional and improv, I have a lot of UFO’s that I chop up and use in other things… and joined and quit some guilds, switched guilds to find my “peeps” and now I am a member of SAQA. My current problem is that I am so excited in learning techniques that I haven’t been doing much if any designing or quilting for the last year. Everything I learn leads to something new to learn.

And I have even made a few traditional quilts along the way.

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