Wish I could claim this quarter square triangle idea

I saw this lovely quilt made from neutral fabrics that really wowed me. I was in Austin at a quilt fabric shop on Andersen Lane named of all things, the Quilt Store.

Sounds like something I’d do. I’d name my shop something easy to find and super related to what was found inside the shop.

This quilt was absolutely lovely. It was also really simple. Just a lot of quarter square triangles from the same fabric sewn into blocks. The triangle were turned so the pattern formed pyramids. The entire quilt is made of three fabrics. Two fabrics made up the border and binding. The third fabric used as the majority of the top is what made the quilt so special. It is striped. That was the –shh– secret that made it look so complicated and wonderful.

I found a similar batik fabric I was drooling over that was stripped with wonderful earthy tones of dark purple, delicious dark chocolate, warm bronze, flowing watery dark turquoise, and yummy dark green olive. If this fabric were a food palette, I’d be eating all over it. Lund Studios probably makes my favorite batiks.

I love their batiks so much that Lund Studios is probably singly responsible for my having to join FSA (fabric sluts anonymous).

Lund Studios makes awesome batiks.
Robert Kaufman and Lund Studios Stripped Batik Similar to the ones I found and plan on using. My fabric has purples in it too.

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South Texas chick who drinks margaritas, makes not boring socks, quilts, leaves her christmas lights up till March (inside the house), and has an opinion on everything. Has a not-so-secret occupation and she also married into one of the coolest ranching families ever.

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