Like Jewels in a Treasure Chest

Catbird has it right. Many quilters undercharge for their work and many people do not value time and effort. Catbird spells out why she would charge several hundred for a baby size quilt. I completely agree with her. People have asked me to make quilts for hire for them. I tell them what it would cost and what I expect to make per hour for designing, cutting, and assembling it. All of them have backed out. I am OK with that. I’d rather spend that time and effort on a friend anyway and have the quilt with someone who would care for it with the same intensity it took for me to make it.

Catbird Quilt Studio

[Note: I wrote this post a couple of years ago, before starting Catbird Quilt Studio. The audience for that post was primarily non-quilters.]

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a quilt, perhaps one from your past, perhaps one you are making yourself, perhaps a dream quilt. I see colors spilling forth, like jewels toppling from a treasure chest, tumbling onto the sand, glimmering, gleaming in the sun. I see leaves cartwheeling from trees in fall, nestling on the ground in patterns of dark green, plum, scarlet, gold. I see stark contrasts of blood red on snow. I see muted browns and double pinks, plaids and paisleys and calicoes.

I am a quilter. Often when I say this, people will respond by saying, “My grandmother was a quilter. I’m glad to know people still do that.” Yes, people still do that. According to Quilters Newsletter and the Quilting in…

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